Fine Line Management has evolved over the years but has always been devoted to the architectural, engineering and construction industries. “Fineline” got it’s start in construction and graphics software & hardware in the the mid nineties. I started out as a VAR, selling and training throughout the United States. My clients ranged from fortune 500 companies to government agencies, including several states and research facilities such as Lawrence Berkeley.

How did I end up here? It was simple after all. Though I engaged in both civil and architecture through college, my background and in the end love was fine art. However, I have to warn you. One of my email monikers was Rightwingartist and it fits.

What do I do? I specialize in the design, development and construction of holy spaces and furnishings. I do space planning, interior and exterior rendering and the design of liturgical furnishings. I can take your ideas or our designs and graphically represent them. This year I expanded to Drone Video. If you are interested in having your project filmed with professional quality video, contact us at consulting@fineline-mgmt.com For a sample of some of our videos, check out Fine Line Management on Vimeo

Services range from conceptual designs, photo realistic renderings or fully developed construction details for your project.

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